James Howlett (also known as James Logan, Logan or Wolverine) is a central character in X-Men Legends. He is a mutant and a member of the superhero team the X-Men.


Human Mutate

Place of origin


Other names

Wolverine, Weapon X


Rapid cellular regeneration, Heightened senses, Claws, Adamantium Skeleton


X-Men, Team X, Dept. H


Born in Canada in the early 19th century, young James Howlett discovered he had the ability to heal from almost any injury faster than that of a normal human being, as well as the abilities of heightened senses and razor-sharp bone claws.

Running away from home, Howlett, now going by the name of Logan, learned to survive on his own, but was eventually reunited with Victor Creed, his brother who shared his abilities. The pair never left each other's side in the battlefields the United States fought on. From fighting the Confederates in the Battle of Gettysburg, to fighting Kaiser Wilhelm's armies at Paschendale, to serving in both the Pacific and European fronts of WWII, Logan and Creed became the world's most battle-hardened warriors.

Team XEdit

When accused of murdering American GIs in Vietnam, Logan became a fugitive on the run from the Federal government. With the Cold War heating up, SHIELD appointed Col. William Stryker with the task of making a CIA taskforce composed of Mutants and skilled assassins, including Victor Creed, Agent Zero, Deadpool etc. Clearing him of all charges, Stryker appointed Logan as an Agent of Team X, a spec ops team for Dept. H.

The Ultimate WeaponEdit

When joining Team X, Logan volunteered in a SHIELD-funded procedure that would bond the unbreakable metal compound Adamantium to his bones. The operation would turn Logan into the ultimate weapon, and using this research, would result in the creation of Logan's superior, Weapon XI: Deadpool.


In time, Logan would find himself an amnesiac, with only a dog collar to identify himself by. Wandering the states, Logan's journey would eventually lead him to join the X-Men in their fight against Magneto's brotherhood and the MRD.