Loki is the Norse god of mischief and arch-enemy of his stepbrother Thor. He is a prince of Asgard and adopted son of Odin and Frigga, but is the biological son of Farbauti and Laufey, Frost Giants of Jotunheim.

A master of sorcery, Loki has a number of magical powers which allow him to fool the mighty Thor and his Avenger allies.

Loki Odinson



Place of origin


Other names

God of mischief, Loke


Loki's father was Farbauti, and his mother Laufey, both members of the Jotunheim dynasty and enemies of Odin. Loki was abnormally small for a giant, resembling an Asgardian more than anything else. When the first war between the gods of Asgard and giants of Jotunheim ended, Farbauti had forsaken the boy, who was in turn adopted by Odin and raised by Thor's side as his son.

Though Loki had a fair childhood, he was always jealous that Thor was destined to become king after Odin, and that Thor was favoured by women and given the hammer Mjolnir. On earth, Loki became the god of mischief and many myths and legends were written about him.

An indeed mischievous character, Loki would place himself and his friends in dangerous or compromising positions for his own enjoyment. To tease Thor he even transformed him into a frog and a woman on occasions. His most bitter act on his friends was replacing Sif's golden hair with black hair woven by Nidvellir drawves.

In the 21st century, Loki has become evil and more bitter toward Thor than ever, hatching a new plan of domination.


Loki has godlike strength and mastery in the dark arts. He can create convincing illusions, hypnotise victims and even communicate telepathically with others.



Parents (biological): Farbauti (father), Laufey (mother)

Children: Hel, Fenris, Jörmungandr


Parents: Odin, Frigga

Siblings: Thor, Balder, Hermod, Vidar