Iron Man, the golden Avenger


Iron Man is the alter-ego of Antony "Tony" Stark, a billionaire industrialist and superhero. Stark is the son of Howard Stark and a genius in technology. He wears an indestructible battle suit which allows him to fight international terrorism.

Antony "Tony" Edward Stark



Place of origin

United States

Other names

Iron Man


The Avengers, S.H.I.E.L.D.


Tony Stark was born to parents Howard and Maria Stark on Long Island in 1971. He grew up with an articulate scientific mind that outmatched his fathers.

When inheriting Stark Industries, Tony made a profit selling arms to the allied nations fighting in the War on Terror. While on a visit to the American troops there, Tony was injured in a car-bomb explosion used by terrorists with their hands on his technology. Another prisoner, Yinsen, saved Starks life from a near-fatal wound that would have poisoned him with shrapnel. They created a magnetic device that kept the metal out of his system.

They also created an advanced metal suit out of Stark weapons that allowed Stark to escape. However, Yinsen was killed by the terrorists in the escape. When returning home, Stark shut down his weapons factories and became a public superhero celebrity dedicated to defending democracy and maintaining world peace.

Despite his dislike for Nick Fury, Stark becomes a member of the superhero team the Avengers.


Tony Stark has no superpowers, but is quite an expert in martial arts and has an exceptional level of intelligence in physics and biology. His mechanical suit features hets in the boots which allow him to fly. The armour is filled with various weapons created for conditions in battles with terrorism.